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Expert Service

PJ Workforce: Your Partner in Premium Hotel Staffing Solutions


The success of a hotel rests largely on its dedicated staff, from the warm smiles at the reception to the meticulous care behind every freshly made bed. At PJ Workforce, we deeply understand the nuances and intricacies of these roles, and we're committed to delivering staffing solutions that uphold the highest standards in hotel service.



The essence of a hotel experience often boils down to the comfort and cleanliness of its rooms. Our housekeepers are trained with an exceptional eye for detail. They ensure every corner sparkles, every sheet is crisp, and every amenity is perfectly placed, setting the stage for an impeccable guest experience.


Front Office/Receptionist

The reception is the hotel's heartbeat, often setting the tone for a guest's entire stay. Our front office staff and receptionists are not only proficient in operational duties but are also groomed in guest relations. They're trained to greet, assist, and address queries with utmost professionalism and warmth, making every guest feel truly welcomed.


Linen and Kitchen Porters

Behind the scenes, the smooth running of a hotel requires diligent handling of linens and kitchen logistics. Our linen porters ensure that fresh, clean, and perfectly pressed linens are always available, while our kitchen porters maintain kitchen efficiency by managing equipment, dishes, and cleanliness, ensuring the culinary team can focus on what they do best.


Housekeeping Supervisors

Overseeing the housekeeping team, our supervisors ensure that high standards are consistently maintained. They're skilled in team management, quality checks, and guest communication. Their leadership ensures that housekeeping operations are seamless, efficient, and always guest-centric.


By partnering with PJ Workforce, hotels are assured of a staffing solution that's comprehensive, reliable, and tailored to the unique demands of the hospitality industry. With our recruits, every guest interaction becomes an opportunity to create lasting positive impressions.

Office Buildings

Expert Service

PJ Workforce: Elevating Office Cleanliness with Specialized Manpower Solutions


In the bustling world of office spaces, cleanliness and hygiene stand as silent markers of professionalism and attention to detail. At PJ Workforce, we recognize the profound impact a pristine environment can have on productivity and morale. With this understanding, we're committed to providing top-tier staffing solutions tailored to meet the unique cleaning needs of office buildings.


General Cleaner/Janitor 

Every office deserves a foundational level of cleanliness. Our general cleaners and janitors are trained to uphold this standard with dedication. They tackle day-to-day cleaning tasks, ensuring that workspaces, communal areas, and other facilities remain spotless and inviting.


Window Cleaner

The brilliance of a building often shines through its windows. Our window cleaners are adept at both interior and exterior cleaning, using specialized tools and techniques to ensure that windows remain crystal clear, enhancing natural light and views.


Carpet Cleaner

Carpets, with their ability to trap dust and allergens, require specialized care. Our carpet cleaners are equipped with advanced equipment and know-how to deep-clean, spot-treat, and maintain carpets, ensuring they look fresh and contribute to a healthier indoor environment.


Restroom Cleaner 

Clean restrooms are essential for the comfort and well-being of all office occupants. Our restroom cleaners focus on thorough sanitization, ensuring that every surface is germ-free and that amenities are replenished, making restrooms both hygienic and pleasant.


Supervisor/Team Lead 

Ensuring consistent quality across large office spaces requires effective leadership. Our supervisors and team leads oversee cleaning crews, ensuring tasks are completed to the highest standards, addressing challenges, and ensuring seamless communication with office management.


Day Porter

For offices requiring ongoing maintenance throughout the day, our day porters are invaluable. They handle immediate cleaning needs, assist with minor tasks, and ensure communal areas like lobbies, conference rooms, and break areas remain tidy and presentable.


By choosing PJ Workforce as your cleaning manpower provider, office buildings are not just ensuring cleanliness; they're investing in a professional, efficient, and dedicated team that understands the nuances of office environments and the importance of a clean workspace.

Restaurant and Bars

Expert Service

PJ Workforce: Serving Excellence in Restaurant and Bar Staffing Solutions


A successful restaurant or bar is a symphony of roles, each playing its part to craft a seamless, memorable experience for patrons. At PJ Workforce, we've fine-tuned our recruitment and training processes to ensure we provide top-tier talent, tailored for the multifaceted world of restaurants and bars.


Front of House

The forefront of guest interactions, our front-of-house professionals include:

- Hosts/Hostesses: Welcoming guests with a smile, ensuring they're seated promptly and comfortably.

- Servers: Providing attentive, knowledgeable service, ensuring guests' needs are met with efficiency and charm.

- Bartenders: Crafting drinks to perfection, engaging with patrons, and upholding the ambiance of the bar.

- Baristas: Mastering the art of coffee, offering warm beverages crafted to each guest's preference.


Back of House 

The culinary heartbeat of any establishment, our back-of-house talents encompass:

- Chefs: Commanding the kitchen, ensuring dishes are of top quality and consistent.

- Line Cooks: Specializing in specific cuisine sections, ensuring timely and delicious outputs.

- Dishwashers: Ensuring the smooth flow of clean equipment and utensils.


Ancillary Roles

Supporting the main operations, our ancillary staff include:

- Busboys: Assisting in table setups, clearing, and ensuring turnover readiness.

- Runners: Bridging the kitchen and dining area, ensuring timely delivery of dishes.


Administrative and Support 

Behind the scenes, ensuring smooth operations, we have:

- Reservation Agents: Managing bookings, ensuring optimal table allocation.

- Accountants: Overseeing the establishment's finances, ensuring profitability.

- HR Personnel: Managing staff needs, from recruitment to welfare.


Management Roles  

Leading the charge, our management professionals comprise:

- Restaurant/Bar Manager: Overseeing all operations, ensuring guest satisfaction and team efficiency.

- Floor Manager: Managing the day-to-day flow, addressing any immediate issues and ensuring guest comfort.


By partnering with PJ Workforce, restaurants and bars are not just staffing their establishments; they're infusing them with dedicated professionals passionate about the hospitality industry. Each role, from the kitchen's heat to the front desk's grace, is backed by our commitment to quality and excellence.

Residential Building

Expert Service

PJ Workforce: Your Trusted Partner in Residential Building Maintenance


Maintaining the pristine condition of a residential building requires a symphony of specialized roles, each dedicated to enhancing the living experience of its occupants. At PJ Workforce, we understand the nuances of residential upkeep and are committed to delivering unmatched manpower solutions tailored to ensure every corner of your establishment gleams with care.



The heart of residential cleanliness, our housekeepers are trained to perfection. They ensure every living space is free from dust, grime, and clutter, enhancing the comfort and aesthetic appeal of homes. Their meticulous attention to detail guarantees residents a consistently clean and inviting environment.



The exterior of a residential building sets the first impression. Our groundkeepers are skilled in landscaping, lawn maintenance, and general outdoor upkeep. Whether it's manicured gardens, trimmed hedges, or clear pathways, they ensure the building's surroundings are always in impeccable condition.


Carpet Cleaners

Carpets are integral to many residential spaces, offering warmth and aesthetic appeal. Our carpet cleaning specialists utilize advanced techniques and equipment to deep clean, remove stains, and rejuvenate carpets, ensuring they remain fresh, clean, and long-lasting.


Deep Cleaning Specialists

Sometimes, a thorough cleanse is necessary to refresh spaces that have seen prolonged use. Our deep cleaning specialists are adept at intensive cleaning routines, reaching every nook and cranny, ensuring spaces are sanitized and revitalized, and residents can enjoy a truly pristine living environment.


Waste Management

Efficient disposal and recycling are crucial to keeping residential buildings clean and eco-friendly. Our waste management professionals ensure timely collection, sorting, and disposal of waste, adhering to environmental standards and ensuring a hygienic living experience for all residents.


By choosing PJ Workforce for your residential building's maintenance needs, you're not just ensuring cleanliness; you're investing in a team that brings expertise, dedication, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of residential upkeep. Together, we can elevate the living experience for all occupants.

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